i was wondering how it would be possible to generate a different random homepage for my website each time someone clicks it. Basically so that when they type the domain:

eg www.example.com

it either loads


like here:

everytime you type www.leedsunited.com into the browser it generates a different start page each time.


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Well, thats done with script.
Tehre are multipel ways to do it... I'd say the more "reliable and safe" methods depending on your server (php/asp etc.).

You could do it with JS... but please be careful, as that requires JS to be enabled on the visitors computer, and is ignored by bots.

Further, it could be somewhat damaging to your Search Engine results (not to mention annoying a percentage of visitors, possibly causing higher bounce/abondonment rates etc.).

But in short, you supply multiple "content files".
Then a piece of script that will randomly pick one.
Plenty of examples/scripts aroudn for that (in most languages).

That would make me click my back button and never return. Websites should be predictable.

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