i have created a website using HTML and CSS, i made this using dreamweaver and a template that i found online.

I have the main homepage file called: index.htm

then i have all of my website pages stored in folders
eg Contact Us folder > Contains > contact.htm
About Us Folder > Contains > about.htm

etc etc...

all of my CSS is in a folder called > "My Online Shop_Files" which dreamweaver created.

This is all fine and the website works fully offline, however when it is uploaded all of the formatting is lost presumably from the CSS and im just shown unformatted text.

Anyone have any ideas?

my ideas are:

My Online Shop_Files folder name contains spaces so that online it cannot be found?


The CSS needs to be in the website root along with the index.htm

here is my zipped website:

and the URL i've uploaded my website to that is not showing properly is:


Ok you can create many CSS files as you want but do like this
root folder-->
|---->(Folder name)includecss
|---->(Folder name)includeimages
|---->(Folder name)includejs

This the simple way to do this i hope this will help you out.