I am building a website that requires users to submit information back to the company via email. We are not asking for credit cards of SSN's. Just Name, company, email, and comments. The problem is that once all the info is put in and the user hits "submit" an alert box pops up stating that "you are about to submit form using email. Your email address will be seen by the recipent and is being sent without any encryption for security." If the user says to submit anyway than when I get the email it is in a .att format and I cannot view it.

My questions are how do I encrypt the information for security?
How do I stop that alert box from popping up?
And, How do I view the .att file? or can I change that file to just be text in my email?
Thanks for any help.

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What are you using for that email form?
If you are getting alerts, I'm going to guess it may be a Javascript form?

You may want to reconsider (or at elast test with JS disabled), as it could be a serious accessibility/usability issue.
Alternatively, it oculd be some securtiy setting on your browser or computer?

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