There is a problem when I open a new file in Word, the font is probably set to Times Roman size 12. I don’t want it to be like this; I want something glamorous with different font type and different font size. I am unable to find out the appropriate solution please help me.
Thanks in advance

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Generally in every PC this setting is default setting. I also wanted to change the default setting of my MS-WORD and have some templates for presentation. I got professional Word templates help from a site. I think site is http://www.templatesforbusiness.us Thanks to the designer, it enhanced my business presentation.


Go into the Font menu in Word. Choose all of the font settings you want to be your "new document" default.

Then at the bottom of the menu, press the DEFAULT button. This sets your current settings as your Word default.

From then on, every new Word document will be in the font size, weight, and face you selected.

I searched this out because I hate serif fonts.

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