myself and my team are encountering some strange problems in Dreamweaver CS3 we can't fix - we are competent in using the program but need some more advanced training to solve these. can anyone help?
the template we are using (its not actually a .dwt, just .htm) has some formatting issues we can't find in the code to fix.
1. some text indents itself and there is no way to align this with the left margin - I've checked modify/page properties and this doesnt help, and i cant see anything that is set to indent it. it seems to be random, so we have pages with large sections of text indented.
2. in some tables, some borders (random again, so most of the borders are presnt just one or two lines are missing) keep disappearing when the page is previewed - this again is random. you can see them in DW and the settings are all correct.

can anyone give us any clues as to how we can fix these?


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If you can put up the code that is having this problem and also screen shots or the weblink if it is already online it might help in figuring out the problem.

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