Hi ,i have a little problem ,
Do you know how to set background image but i have frames .
I split my site into frames and i try to set a background image but i fail .
So if you know ,how to set a background image with in the 3 frames ?

Thank you for your effort of reading .
If i did not explain , so please let me know if you do not know what i am writing about .

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three frames mean 3 different page. What you can do is, divide the image into three different files. and set them as background for your three different background. You can use css extensively to make it look like one single background.

In this page i have
but i do not know what are you thinking when you wrote divide image .It is a pretty hard to do when i have 3 frames .
And i do not have any ides how to use css ?

do you really have to use frames. a css layout would be easier and make adding the background a simple task.

NO, i do not need to use frames , can you instruct me how to use css layout ?

a css layout is very easy to design and maintain. first you will have to learn css, a very simple language. just search for some tutorials online and you can learn everything you need to know. after that its just plain html.

There is two way to solve ur problem without frame. One is to use table and the other one is to use css. table is easier but can be messy if you have a lot of stuffs.
CSS has different solutions. One is to put your three part inside three divs. Set the position of the divs so that it appears exactly how you want to see it. Plus set the background of your body. Make the div transparent so that the backgrounds are visible. If you want to learn more about div, google css div.

In fact ,i want that my page look more live .
For example ,when i cross over the table that something change ,when i cross over my title of my frames that something happen .
What i need to do, to get that ??

Thank you for your effort of reading and replying on my messages .

this is called hover effect in css. you can read here.

Sorry , but that is not helpful for me orko.

that effect you are looking for can be done with css styling but you need to use javascript to make it work.

use this in the containing tag of the title text


and for mouse out


anyone can explain how to set background image use css.?

to set a background image is easy. in the frame u desire to work on type <body background="the image name.jpg"> but you have to make sure that the image in question is available on the same folder.

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