i've been looking for a horizontal drop down menu making use of tables on the web.I found some with the menu horizontal, but making use of list and the drop down was vertical. I need both of them horizontal...Can any one help plz...


Sorry but to clarify, are you talking about wanting a menu that expands to the side, as opposed to dropping down underneath?

If so, they both work on the same principle. However the key difference is in the relative positioning of the hidden menu.

A good example can be found here:
Even if you don't use the example exactly as is, it would serve as a good basis on which to begin building your own.


NO the thing is that i nedd both layers of the drop down menu to be horizontal

NO the thing is that i nedd both layers of the drop down menu to be horizontal

Thx for the NO there. Do you mean that you'd like the initial menu in a column formation as opposed to a row? With the sub-menu appearing in a new column adjacent to it? Hence, expanding horizontally?

If that is the case, you'd just use an unordered list <ul> and make list-style-type none. Add borders, padding and margins to each <li> and then the submenu in the form as seen via the link I posted above.


Use Marcomedia Flash Professional 8 or in mx, is best for making any sort of menus. Although I don't use Flash That much, I have been told its good and easy to use. Or use just Marcomedia Flash 8, the Professional is harder to use, and more complicated. Or go on http://cssmenumaker.com/
Its got all these menus to choose from.
Or make your own menus with:
CSS menu Generator v.3.4.