I'm having trouble with a simple html form. I'm trying to have the input box read a simple message, such as "enter ticket number here", and allow the user to click anywhere within the input box to clear the message and begin entering their number.

The two problems I'm having, and I have no idea why, is

#1 clearing the message when a user clicks anywhere within the box

#2 allowing the user the ability to click anywhere within the box

I can get it to work outside the page that it's in now, but within the page it doesn't work at all.

I attached the file below

Thanks for any help!

Not two minutes after I posted this, I figured the problem out. I had an extra div tag that was covering the input box and only allowing the top portion of the box to be clicked in. I spent three hours on that one. fun stuff.

But the basic problem of clearing the text within the input box when a user clicks within it, I still don't know how to solve. If someone could help me with that one, I'd appreciate it.

please send me the code


You want something like this? This textbox clears when the user clicks it.

<input type="text" onfocus="this.value=''; this.onfocus=null;" name="notes" value="enter ticket number here" />
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