Hey I'm 13 years old and I'm pretty new to web designing right now. I've got a really big interest in it now I wanna be pro earn money when I'm older start mini shop online. I know a few codes like <html> , <marquee> that basics. But I want to be more advanced. I have no money right now only 5 Euro and 50 cent lol.

Could anyone here instead of giving me links to online tutorials like www.w3school.com or wateva. could some offer to be a mentor/teacher to help me learn more advanced HTML + CSS Please????? If you want to talk to me if i dont reply just add me on my msn <EMAIL snipped> or yahoo <EMAIL snipped> Thanks Bye!!

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Well there is nothing like advanced HTML. Its very straight forward markup language. Same with CSS. Its very easy to learn them all and know what they do but the thing is that you should know how to put all these things to create a decent website. That you will learn by looking into sample templates and creating new ones yourself.

Also familiarize yourself with some graphic softwares like photoshop, gimp etc and little JavaScript.

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it is good reply

The problem is that the market for people able to do this is oversaturated. For every job, there are 100 applicants.

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