Hi there

I have a really long web link that I want to break onto a new line because it's longer than the width of the div. At the moment it makes an incredible amount of empty space above it until the div is below the div next to it.

Anyone know of any solutions to this?

P.S. It breaks fine in IE but when I view the page in Firefox it's a mess.

first when you insert div tag check that div tag properties and define width and height size then check in IE

Display the title of the page instead of the link. Or do something like this:

<p><a href="this.is.the/really/long/url.htm">this.is.the/</a>
<br />really/long/url.htm</p>

Or even this:

<p><a href="this.string.is.the/really/long/url.htm">this.string.is.the/</a>
<br /><a href="this.is.the/really/long/url.htm">really/long/url.htm</a></p>

The last one makes both pieces of the link text active.


Thanks for the response everyone, I ended up using php to replace long links in the way MidiMagic suggested.

P.S. It's for a small admin system. I'm not the one inputting the data ;)

pls put it mark as soved if solve the probelm