I'm having difficulty placing an image in a relative position in the same location on two separate browsers: firefox and safari. in firefox, the text seems larger than it does in safari. Is this typical? I'm using a Lucida Grande font. I believe this is why the image is thrown off place in firefox, but can't be sure. Is there a solution to this problem?


Since each browser has its own way of rendering text, you need to do the following:

- Don't expect your page to look exactly the same in all browsers. This is impossible.

- Don't use either absolute or relative positioning. Use containers to position the text and the graphics.

- Place the image, using the location of the img tag within the text, and use the float style to position it left or right.

- Don't expect to center an image within text, because it is impossible to make the text equally wide on both sides. If you need to center an image, make the spaces on both sides clear.

- To keep the layout from falling apart, you might need to use table tags.