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Is this what u are looking for;

<input type="text" name="testField" id="testField" value="<%=someVar%>" />

what i am asking is shall write ASP code in HTML file
I have designed one HTML page and created one link also now i want how many member seeing that website
some body given to me code in ASP for visitors counting
So i want shall write that code in my HTML page


Well i dont think so, i could be wrong since i m not a genius asp programmer, but from what i understand, asp is server side code, and needs to be parsed by the server, so u have to create an asp page, that will have your asp code in it, and u can put html tags in that asp page, but not the other way around.

You could try this link:


Ok it's good
but if write HTML code then is it working in ASP extension why because you are told me that ASP is server side code so i am asking
or is it asks any dot.net code

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