Hi all,
Do you people suggest me some of precautions which are to be taken when surfing net. I always get worried when a link is there, I do not open any as they can have virus affected or Spyware. I am looking for safe ways of surfing. Nowadays Internet as there is rise in internet usage so is the threats.

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install some anti virus software in your system
i think Avira is best anti virus to protect system one more have some alaram zone software i don't particular name i will forward tomarrow links

A few tips. I follow all of these, and I don't get viruses. I run the knife and don't even use antivirus, because I know given #1, #2, #3, #5 and #8 I'm at low risk, and that given #4 I can recover easily.

#1. Don't use a browser which executes things automatically.
#2. Don't use an OS which executes things automatically.
#3. Don't use mission critical computers to browse the Internet, set up a DMZ i.e. use two computers, or two OS installs, or even two user accounts on the same OS install provided you follow #8.
#4. Backup regularly in case something bad happens ( remember, your data is sacred, but the OS usually isn't [ unless you've bought into a really lame license agreement.. ] )
#5. Highly important Don't download and/or install anything unless your sure of the source. Do you really need that 'cool new screensaver'? Why exactly does this site need PluginXXXCool?
#6. Read warnings when they popup, and look at the address bar carefully. www.mybank.bankingonline.com is not the same as www.mybank.com ( assuming the latter is safe )*.
#7. Don't rely on firewalls or antivirus. Firewalls don't protect against human error, and antivirus is far from perfect ( any n00b could write a program that erases your data, yet is undetectable ).
#8. Highly important Don't browse the Internet as a user with Adminstrator, Root or any other system altering priveledge. Yes, it's a pain to change user/run as admin just to install something, but it's certainly worth knowing that -- using your 'browsing' account -- it's imposible to compromise your system. On Windows, I use an unpriviledged user all the time, and set my Administrator user's theme to ugly red colours**.
#9. Unplug your internet cable :D

* www.bankingonline.mybank.com probably _is_ safe though: the last two elements of the URL determine the actual sites controller/owner, i.e. www.anything.mybank.com is a subdomain of www.mybank.com, however, www.mybank.anything.com is a subdomain of www.anything.com. Do you trust www.anything.com?.

** to remind me that I have system compromising priviledges and because it's ugly enough that I can't stay there long

Yes you are absolutely right, your system is not safe when accessing net, some of basic precautions can make surfing safe and easy. I would suggest you to install a good Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus and firewall other than this you can also download some Add-ons available. HHOT View is a Browser Add-on can be used with any of web browsers available. It is an innovative and patent-pending browser add-on to support safe, fast, and click less browsing of web pages and rich media content. >link snipped<.
Wish you safe browsing!!

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