HI I am having Drop dwon box with different font size drop down items... My code is working fine with Firefox but not working properly with IE can some body help me :)

My Code :

<select name="">
<option selectd style="font-size:35px">option Black</option>
<option style="color: red; font-family : ariel; font-size : 10pt">option Red</option>
<option style="color: blue; font-family : ariel; font-size : 14pt">option Blue</option>
<option style="color: green; font-family : ariel; font-size : 16pt">option Green</option>
<option style="color: yellow; font-family : ariel; font-size : 20pt">option Yellow</option>
<option style="color: #cccccc; font-family : ariel; font-size : 24pt">option Grey</option>


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The property "selectd" is spelled wrong, and should be selected="selected" .

The property "selectd" is spelled wrong, and should be selected="selected" .

if selected spelling writes correctly then it's not working in IExplore
I think font size not working in IExplore

Is ariel a font? I've only heard of arial.

if writes total are rightly its not working IExplore

IE is full of bugs when it comes to css. There are many things that work well with FF and not at all (or at least requiring a hack) for IE.

Hover is one
<li> is another (the tribute used in drop down menu's)

More than just IE not implementing things, you should be aware that form elements in particular (like drop down lists), have very different support across many browsers. You will not be able to style them all exactly the same no matter how hard you try, so you should design with that limitation in mind.

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