Hi all,

Iv started working on my first css site and have encontered a problem taht I judt dont know how to fix, its kinda strange to me but Im sure someone will find it a simple problem. Iv attached a jpg of my proposed layout and the link below is what Iv managed to come up with. When looking at the link you will see the columns are messed up (left column on top, right colomn on bottom) I hd this layout fixed when I had teh font family as Century Gothic, Verdana, Arial... but since Iv decided to use Arial instead of teh Century Gothic and Verdana thats when teh columns start playing up?? Can anyone please offer me any advice on how to solve this problem? and if you find any other areas I coul dwork on that would be great also.

Thanks for looking Smiling



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It's working on Firefox 3.

Note that absolute positionings and pixel counts work differently for different browsers.

Also note that putting surrounding styles (margin, border, padding) in the same tag as size styles (width, height) causes differences between browser renderings.

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