This might be a little confusing, so please bare with me. I know how to map an image, but the thing is I don't really care about it going to the link after I click on the mapped space. What I want is to have rotating pictures in the mapped Space, but im not sure if this is possible.

If this is possible, could you please tell me how to do this?

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Define "rotating". Do you mean, load a series of images (place different images "sequentially" or "in a rotating series"?

Or, do you physically want to change the "angle" of an image? IE has some filters for this, but they definitely aren't cross-browser.

I mean loading up a series of images. It's basically like a banner advertisement,but I want it over an image, and I can't use the div tag.

Let's see what you've already coded.

Right now I've got a different approach. I couldn't figure out how to map it for a rotating image banner, so I did this:

The image is really large, so I broke it up into two pieces. The second piece is what would contain the images if it were mapped, but since I don't know how I just drew the image on the second piece of the image. I simply did that by javascript:

<script language="javascript">
			var pictureNum = 1;
			function rotatePicture()
				if (++pictureNum > 5)
					pictureNum = 1;
					ncp.src = "ncp" + pictureNum + ".jpg";

and then the image looks like this:

				  <img src="nc1.jpg"><img name="ncp" src="ncp1.jpg">

That works fine for now, but even after splitting the image up it's still fairly large. I did try the <div> tag with some attributes, but that keep it over the image if the resolution changes. If I could just find a way to keep the rotating banner over the image and it stay there even after changing the resolution, then I'd be happy, but I'm beginning to think it's impossible :(

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