Well guys, Photoshop CS is out and I am really dissapointed, there isn't many major changes from photoshop seven. :( I was expecting great things from that program, what are your opinions?

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I like the enhanced filebrowser it has. Makes for a more visual experience to 'see' what you are going to put where ya know? I also like the automatic color matching feature which makes webgraphic design quicker and easier (use by opening 2 images, Image > Adjust > Match Color). Then the text on a path function is also quite nice...no more switching back to illustrator.

It obviously wasn't a fantastic upgrade but what they did add was nice. I'm happy with it. I really like elements 2.0...now that is an easy and quick program. I use it more than I use photoshop! :)

The new upgrade added better functionability, but no new functions. How ironic, lol. I like the new logo though. It's cool. Maybe its just because i'm sick of PS7, lol.

yeah lol. I suppose after using it for a while I have gotten used to the extra functionalities, and I've grown quite attached to it.

Well. it's been working fine with me. Only trouble is the reactivation stuff that shows up every time you make a change in the configuration of your machine

Although I like the program itself I found it a little user UN friendly!! whereas the paintshop po latest is very easy.. however.. Im sure Ill get the hang of it.. and if I get stuck I know where to come for advice lol

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