Dani has given me permission to post this here

I co-developed a flash poll sytem that uses php/mysql for the anyone to download

IF you go to my site: http://www.sportsrant.com ou can see it in action on the right side or http://www.uoptoday.com, you can see it in action on the left side. Click on the vote button after you choose and see what it does.

You can download it from here, it has 3 skins and the .fla source to modify if you know how to use flash


Please let me know what you think!


Hi! Great stuff man.
I have a problem though, i can't log in. When i go to my polldirectory, i get a list of the files. I open "index.htm".
There i get the login screen. I type "admin" in username input, and "password" in the password input.
It would just not work.
I have followed the installation manual.
What could be wrong? Is it anything i could have done? Is it a bug in the poll?
Hope you take notice of my post, and again, thanks!

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