Has been working on performance graphs for a cluster of server over the last couple of week for a company with matplot lib and python. The prolem is that the picture that's been published of the graph has a couple of labels that they feel is 'hard to read' 'cause they are to close to each other. So they wanted that each new "dot" in the graph (value change) should be implemented with a html hotspot to get the values and labels when hovering the mouse over the spot. The problem is that the graph is plotten by date2num() so the "smalest" value is 732828 and so forth. To make hotspots on that image some coordinates has to be found based on the plot coordinates and so on. Is there someone that has an idea to do this or mayby already have? Attached an example of the graph

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If you can mark the points on the graph like put square/circle in the place the hotspot should go (just make them visually visible so the user do not need to search with the mouse over the graph) you can use image map and place the data in alt parameter of the area tag or use JavaScript pop up window option in href parameter

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