Hi all

I was wondering if there was something like Java's JList in HTML.
I guess not because I can't find anything like it in the list of the form's input types.
What is the easiest way to provide the functionality of a JList?

Thx in advance.
Greetings, K?!

Ps: I'm pretty new to web development so, uhm, keeping it simple would be appreciated ;-)

I'm having an other question about this.
In Java, it's possible to add classes to the JList (so you can access the class itself when an item is selected in the JList), will this be possible with the alternative I've asked for? And if not, I will probably need to create the class by getting an ID value from the "list's" selected value and then creating the class with data from the database, how would I have to insert ID value's into the list (and access them from the list), without them being visible for the user?

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Here's how you'd create a list:

<select name="jlist" onlick="function()" size="3">
<option value="A">Item A</option>
<option value="B">Item B</option>
<option value="C">Item C</option>

You can only return whatever value you have in the double quotes, but you can use that information to retrieve a specific class if you need. Write a javascript function that runs when a user clicks on the selection. Based on the value selected, you can do "switch" statement perform whatever operations you need. If you have to retrieve information from a database and don't want to have to refresh the page, look into ajax.

Ok, thx.
I think I'll be trying using Id's as value and then using php to get the classes, ajax would probably give a better result, but since I'm just starting with web development I'm going to try to keep it simple :).

Thx again for the clear and useful reply.

Grtz, K?!

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