Hey guys,

I'm sure you've most probably seen this kind of thread a thousand times so I'll go straight ahead and make it 1001!

I'm a newbie "coder" (if that is the correct term) I've just started learning XHTML 1.0 Transitional, I have idea's and would like to implement them onto a web page, so I was wondering if their's a right way to go about it?

Also I'm slightly intimidated by all the related technologies (languages) can a web designer also evolve into a web developer? Do they understand each others roles? are they linked?

I'm sure there's a few seasoned vets who were once in my position, any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks o.0

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Once you get comfortable with the xhtml syntax, look into a server side language. At some point you'll find that xhtml won't full fill all of your needs and will need some server interaction. If you have no preference, I'd recommend php. Php has a wealth of documentation and tutorials available free online. I believe a good way to learn a server side language is to start off with a form that submits to the server. Here is a good place to start. The easiest way to develop and test php is with some type of WAMP (Windows Apache MySql PHP) server running on your local machine. Probably the easiest to get started with is xampp. It will run on just about any operating system and will allow you to test pages locally before uploading to the web.

Also, try to create an external stylesheet for your xhtml page. W3Schools is a good place to learn CSS basics. You'll also note that the site has tutorials on just about anything else related to web development.

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Great! thanks for the help, I'll get stuck in ;-)

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