I am new to both ASP and HTML. I am trying to create a questionnaire on the web for students to view and fill out. I am almost done with the form in HTML but not sure what to do after that. I was told that I need to know ASP. Any recommendations on books for these two languages(ASP and HTML) that would point me in the right direction?

You can do this without asp. You can use other dynamic scripting languages like PHP and Coldfusion. PHP is free.

Good Luck


The amazing thing about the internet is its abundance of resources about the internet, well and other computer related technologies.

My advice would be to utilise these resources first.. if you see something you like on the internet, take a look at the source (keep in mind the suffix of the page you are viewing). This way you get to see how something you like the look of is created.

When I was teaching myself HTML, cgi, javascript. I heavily used the website www.webmonkey.com i still find this resource interesting... but i obviously require more reference and less tutorial now...

I find the w3c website a particularly good mix... mind you i spend more time looking at XSL and javascript now... but it looks like its got good stuff for learning ASP:


Of course you may not need ASP, you might be able to do what you want using HTML + CGI... or PHP.. or JSP... what you end up using is dependent on what you want to do and what resources you have available... And what you find easy to learn.

As per the HTML and ASP concern i am always preferred with weschools.com website because this website provide best tutorial for HTML as well as ASP. This is best website instead of book for you that provide best tutorial for learning HTML and ASP.

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