I'd like to know is there a way to specify what character to use in the unordered list?
for example, i'g like to have a list with '-' or '>' for a bullet, but cant find a way to do this in html or css.
All ideas very weclome

Thanks for the replies


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Probably the easiest and most compatible way is to make a .gif image of the character you want. Then use:

.bul {list-style-image: url(broketbullet.gif);}

Then, at the appropriate list:

<ul class="bul">

Note that if you have a sublist inside the list with the custom bullets, you will need to create another style to return the bullets or numbers of the inner list back to the proper kind.

You can try this in css file :

.list ul { background:url(images/imagename.gif) center left no-repeat;

and use div class list in your html file like this :

<ul class="list">
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