i have a page coded in html and it takes 3-4 sex to load my page on webserver in IE,but i need to make it work fast.

can anybody help in that,HTML code is

Wow! With a code listing like that it is scarcely surprising that you have got no replies. I haven't read all your code - and chances are no one else will - but here is, I hope, a partial solution

1. You appear to have a great deal of CSS and JavaScript embeded in your HTML. Put this in separate files and use links to those files instead. Then, assuming you are serving up from Apache, create the following .htaccess file in the directory from which you serve up the .css and .js files

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType text/css A8640000
ExpiresByType text/js A8640000

This ensures that when the document in question is revisited the browser does not end up reloading CSS and JS that has probably not changed. Here we are setting an expiry date 10 days (86400s x 10) from the time the file was accessed. You should only do this once you are reasonably certain that you have a final version for your CSS and JS. If after that point you are obliged to make changes simply change the name of the external CSS/JS file in question.

2. The above will help but not by much. You should also compress both your CSS and your JS. You will find two rather nice online compressors here

CSS Compressor
JavaScript Compressor

The Dojo JavaScript compressor is very good but your JS needs to follow certain conventions - e.g. the ; is obligatory - so you might need to do some work there.

3. You should also use the following Apache directive to reduce the size of the files you are sending out

<FilesMatch "\.(js|css|html)$">
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

Where you put this depends on what kind of server account you are running. Ideally, this should go into a .conf file under root/etc/httpd/conf.d. .conf files are processed in alphabetic order. In the event that you have other .confs it is best to name this new file so it gets processed last and does not break anything else - e.g. zzzipup.conf.

If you are not in a position to create .conf files you should still be able to put this code in the .htaccess file in your root directory.

To my mind all of these remain provisional solutions. When things don't go according to plan it is better to go back to the drawing board and look at what you might be doing wrong. Here are some of the questions you could ask yourself

  • Do I really need to stick all my content inside a table?
  • Does the entire page content need to be displayed all at once?

Hope some of this helps

can anybody solve my problem...............

pls i need to do this quickly

can anybody solve my problem...............

pls i need to do this quickly

  1. Wrong section of forum, this has nothing to do with PHP
  2. Moved to different section
  3. Avoid posting such long code, rather put it in text file and use as attachment to the post
  4. Your problem is in lengthy content. When I go to page I want to see short pages not something running across height of 3 and more monitors.
  5. Because of the previous point, you getting to much resources from other sites and create congestion by yourself

Solution: Split the page in number of pages and present it that way

It can take 3-4 seconds just to handshake with the server before it starts to download the file. What do you want, miracles?

You act as though you were the only person using the internet. In reality, you are being delayed by:

- Your connection to your ISP, if it is slow.

- Your ISP making your page request wait for other page requests from other users, submitted before yours.

- General congestion on the Internet.

- The server holding your web page having to serve all of the other page requests it got before your request came in.

- The server holding your web page giving priority to small files over large files, to serve the largest number of users faster.

- If the server adds advertising to your page, it must wait for the advertising server to deliver its part of the page. This can take minutes with some ad servers (notably doubleclick.net).

- General congestion on the internet in the other direction.

- Your ISP firewall having to check your file for malware before allowing it to come into the ISP.

- Your ISP making your returning page wait for other page requests from other users, that came in before yours.

- Your ISP making sure the entire page is complete before giving it to you.

- Your connection to your ISP, if it is slow in the other direction.

- Your own computer's firewall and virus checker scanning the incoming file for malware.

All very valid points - I haven't browsed to your page and checked the actual download time so it could well be that you are starting of with unreasonable expectations.

As others have pointed out - a webpage that goes on and on and on is not a good idea. Yours certainly does. There is also an issue with tables - browsers need to get the full content of a table before they start rendering it on screen since they are unable to make the requiste layout calculations on-the-fly as they get page code. You have stuck a great deal of your content inside table(s). Tables are completely passé. They have a use - for tabular data - but display layout is not it. Consider using a CSS driven layout, make good use of divs... .

All that - and make sure you start of with reasonable expectations and good content design in the first place.