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I am "mahmood" and I Come from iran
I don't speak English well. (Excuse me)
Would you please guide me to open .dat files of reporter's sounds in 2006 FIFA World Cup, listen and edit them as I wish and finally save them.
I extract that .dat files from this address of 2006 FIFA World Cup:
C:\EA SPORTS\2006 FIFA World Cup (TM)\data\audio
And in this directory I extract dat_eng.big via "big opener" program then bop (I face) of many .dat sounds format.
You can download sample of this .dat files to help me from here:

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Please help me very fast.
Synopsis of up sentence is:
How can I open this .dat files of reporter's sounds (this file is peculiar compressed) ?
You can download sample of .dat file from here:

Thank you
You are my friends
I come from iran.
Please help me fastly.

My E-mail address is:
And my website is:

I am anticipator to receive your answers.

Thank you too.
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Please help me fasly
I am waiting


you have to find some convertor which can work with this audio dat files, if their are audio

just simple google search

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