here i am in a great trouble i am designing a website of some event and i want to show different look of my home page on each time when it's open by some user

i have no idea about this
so please tell how can i do this?
if you have some code then plesae send me that code also

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Yeah it is possible, but you wil have to use some script to work on this 1! You may try JavaScript instead!

As essential stated Javascript is the way to go on this one. Do you want it to be based on the time of day or just based on, for instance, if I go to the website one time I get one theme, second time different theme, third time different theme? If so make an array of the theme make a cookie that logs which theme I've seen the first time, and make sure to choose from another of the themes then use a theme changer to switch the css files. http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread141795.html for the theme changer.

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