please send me action script code below task
how to stop movieclip animation when mouseover
i created one animation using motion tweening but i want stop on mouse over this motion tweening

please help me

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Create a layer over the tween if both exist in same layer. Otherwise if would be simple. Posy if I not very clear.

on (rollOver) {
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I ususally try to put all my actionscript on its own layer. If this was the case, I would place the following code on the main timeline:

movieclipname.onRollOver = function(){
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Then this would work:

movieclipname.onRollOver = function(){

I removed this because if you use that it will stop the clip playing inside that movie clip will stop, not the current layer. Otherwise if you have put actionscript a level above then put this . LOL its much hard to explain as compared to what it really is. :D

you explained it well! I thought that 'this' would just refer to the movieclip instance calling the functon since it is inside the function. I guess that might be redundant anyway.

than q very much for CoffeeChef and Vishesh this code it's working fine

once again thnx very much

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