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its shown when you open a image file with browser. well its a browser feature there's no way to stop that i suppose.


I dont like MSIE, i just use it because most people use it, and i can see how there seeing my page.


it should only show up if you access an image file by a direct URL to the image itself: http://yourdomain.tld/image.png , you get a funny lil square with some arrows and a "thing" in the opposite corner aswell.

that's MSIE's standard way of dealing with image-type responses. Would you rather it attempted to download the image instead? =P

...So... to get rid of it... make loads of HTML pages with just <img> tags ^_-


What exactlt do you mean?

He means that instead of making links for images make several html files which have img tags for your images and thus it wont show that save buttons.

Well the idea is not bad if you use it woth a bit of Javascript or any other language. So you will not have to make several html pages.

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