I want to use border on the text on mouse move with shaded back ground it is ok if the text is in one line but it fails when text is in more than one line so I try to use table in anchor tag so it will give border to anchor that will show effect on table it is ok but the link will not work in this condition


Not sure if i fully understand you, could you post the source

In both cases you are trying to put a box object pair (table, and anything else that takes a border) inside an inline tag pair (anchor). This does not work. There are very few things you can put inside an anchor tag pair.

There are a few ways to solve this:

1. Put an onhover and onclick calls on a box object to call JavaScript routines that change the background color or border color, and/or call the link.

2. Use an image of the box and text. You CAN put an image inside the anchor tag pair.

3. Use a button (form object) with your text in it. The entire button (and its styles) is active.

4. Be content with just the text being sensitive.