when we typed www.google.com in address bar of the browser then a blue color 'g' appears in the address bar before the typed url so i also want to show some icon for my web also but dont know how to do this so pls tell me


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The image that you want to show is called favicon.ico, you can create it using windows icon editor or there are many other icon editors also available online.

You can also make it by favicon.ico generator application. Check it out : http://www.favicon.cc/

I hope this helps you. :)

If you already have an image like your company's logo which you want to use for favicon.ico, you can use an online favicon generator like Dynamicdrive Favicon generator to convert the file format from .gif, .jpg, .png or .bmp to favicn.ico file format. After the favicon has been generated, download it to your local computer and upload it to your server. NOTE: Your site's favicon file should be accessible by typing


ok let me give u a very easy suggestion for that buddy. just take ur logo resize it to 16 x 13 and rename its extension to ico (name.ico) then put it in ur root directory. then place this code in ur webpage to show it.


thread solved :)

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