What is digital Media? By sphyenx.

Well its music of course. Say you love to download music there well are many known formats. Im sure most of you know mp3 format (mpeg3). That is not the only format, sorry. There are actually a few. Wave with the .wav extension is one of the most popular formats for sound quality. It is also know to be very good with browser support so it can be used in many browser’s with out any separate plug in’s. The only downfall with waveform files is that they are relatively large. NOT good if you don’t have a huge amount of web space. Files can be as large as 50meg’s. That’s a lot of data. Another file format that is very similar to wave, are Audio Interchangeable format (AIF) with the .aif file extension. They are large, and very good with sound quality. They are identical to .wav’s. The most popular to the many internet pirates would be mpeg3 format, as you all would know as mp3's. They are every were, KAZZA, http://www.suprnova.org etc. Every ones got them. Too bad I rip my own cd’s Im not a pirate. They are so popular because well they are fairly small. They are compressed audio. Now don’t be mislead even knowing they are compressed they have very good quality. Now they can be streamed over the internet much like aif, and wav. But require a plug in for your browser. A downfall with mp3's is the fact they cant be zipped, well they can be put in to an archive. But the files will not reduce in physical size. Why would you expect them to be after they have already be zipped down to the core with the format they are in right now. Another file type I will discuss are Real audio. These files have the .ra extension ans they can be streamed over the net. They are very small and the quality suck’s. You need a plug in and/or a player to play them. My opinion is they shouldn’t be used, but what’s my say in that. Now for my finale. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), they are awesome if you don’t like the singers voice. LOL. They are a sequence with several extensions .mid .cmf .rol, they are files that play music with out voice, they are good because they can hold a long sound, much like Piano etc.

Thank you for reading my short tutorial on Digital Media, sphyenx.

My bad, i should have labeled the post Digital Sound. Because I didnt get in to Video output etc. I will in my next review on Digital Media.

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