quick question..
is it possible to have a .html, the whole file, images and text BE the backround image for another page of mine?
this page will be just for me, password protected.. i would like the HTML backround image to be set at 60-70 opacity...

is this possible?
thank you

You could do this by doing something like converting the .html into an image (e.g. print screen). BUT I assume you are after some dynamic behaviour where the .html is parsed and then displayed...

If this is indeed the case, I think you will need to get creative. I am also not entirely sure there is an easy way to manipulate background images (for opacity) using conventional methods (html/css).

thanks for posting..
i was thinkging, couldnt i do something like iframe... so my new index consists of the one page taht i want as my backround (lets call it log.shmtl)... MY page only, call it my.shtml)
and post it together on index... so, log.shtml is shown at 70% opacity, my.shtml is posting over it...
that might work huh?
its n ot a big deal at all, more curious if it is possible than anything....
this is for my upcoming thailand trip... i post text/images, kinda like a blog (hate using that word) and it would be nice to see the page i am posting to, what i wrote last (i can easily just goto the page myself, i know!) but to have my log form ontop of it might be handy, maybe not... again, i was just more curious to see if it was easily possible or not..

iFrames hadn't crossed my mind. Using iFrames and some tricky css, it probably would be possible to achieve what you want.

Good luck

try an image map with javascript or you could cut the image up and use it for links, if you want you can div that whole page, put it lower on the z-index so that it automatically takes less precedence over the other things, but only the image map can get the opacity as far as i know unless you can do opacity on an html file.