tell me what you think. i got the bare graphic for the lionfish thing from a website(i wish i could remember where) but i made the ball by myself(the ball has an R in it because my name in rl starts with an R) yes i made it ENTIRELY in MS paint just because i dont have anything else lol. oh well tell me what you think of it( if you cant see it then its probably the host(im poor i gotta use angelfire lol))
i might get bored later and add some cool particle tpyye effect to the laser but not right now

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It's really cool, definitely. Amazed you did it all in MS Paint. I can't even make a stick figure in that program!

I'm going to move your post over to our graphics forum. :)

Check out The Gimp.

The gimp is opensource, and comparible to Photoshop.

The Gimp is one of the best graphics programs available if you're working on a Linux box, I'll admit. But if you're a Windows user who already enjoys all of Photoshop's features, I think you'll find the gimp somewhat lacking. If you're not up to spending all the cash on photoshop (or dare I say download a copy from somewhere) you might enjoy the free windows program to play around and make some pretty nice stuff.

P.S. If you're stuck trying to create cool lookin' stuff in MS Paint right now ... then whatcha waiting for? Download the gimp! Hell it's free LOL

But I still think if you're serious about any sorta graphic design, go with photoshop for windows

I would have to agree that Photoshop rocks! I have tried the gimp before and... while it was ok I saw no reason to use it since I already had photoshop. But yeah the price is a tiny bit different. :D

Pretty rad for just MSPaint :D

Totally amazing for MS Paint... <I thought that program only used like 4 colors!>

I'd be scared to see what you could do with photoshop!!!

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