I am developing a site that will allow the users to download files. The files could be of various types - documents, images, applications, etc. I am using a simple link to offer the download

<A HREF="File_To_Download"> Download </A>

If the browser does not support the type of file being downloaded, it simply offers the user an option to the download the file, exactly what I want.
The problem is if the browser can handle the type of file being download (say image files), it opens the file. I would prefer that it offers the user the option to download all different types of files. How do I achieve this ?

I am not sure if this can be done in HTML, or if I need javascript for that. Hence I am posting in this forum. If javascript is required, that is absolutely fine for me.


Thanks dickersonka for the link. I checked it out, but it doesn't really help me. For one, the execCommand("SaveAs" ..) supposedly works only for IE, so that solution is unacceptable. Changing the filename to remove the extension part - to me sounds like a bad way of doing things, especially since I am not limited to pdf files only. As for C# and .NET , I am using PHP-Linux, so that doesn't help me.