I just started web designing, and I'm still quite new to Dreamweaver CS3.
Here's my problem, I want to have a banner positioned right at the top of the page, but there's a gap there when I added a table. I tried using a template, but I'm not able to add content(image/table) at the side/outside of the yellow-dotted-line-box. I would also like to know how do I stretch the height to 100%, just like adjusting the width.

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Can someone help me please?

Hello and welcome to DaniWeb. I can help you out. Okay go to table and tell it to create three columns then you can manipulate the box so it looks to your fitting. "Nesting" is very important and especially in dream weaver. You should make one giant table I would say 1040 pixels width or 75 percent (basically the same size) then you put all your other tables within that table.

I still don't know how to stretch the body image from the top to the bottom(100%).

When you say Body Image do you mean the background that would be

<style type="text/css">
body {

What this does is tells the CSS to make everything in tag body to be a certain image. I would reccomend www.w3schools.com they are a very good source for learning languages. If you are trying to do your Webpage purely WYSWIG ( What you see is what you get) Then you may have some problems. If you are trying to get a table to the top there are quite a few ways to do that it is essential to know when and where to have your mouse when you enter a table in dreamweaver because that changes the placement totally. I also want to point out that you can just fill in the bottom table with info, images what ever your going to do and that will push the other table upwards or you can do what I consider unethical coding and hold down the shift and enter key which creates

<br> </br>

I do not reccomend that it can cause a lot of trouble in the future.

<br> </br> is invalid code. It's <br />

There is no such thing as 100% height in regards to the browser window. You can't control the height to make it fit on a screen in a way that works on all browsers and screen resolutions.

The Internet is designed to start at the top, and then expand downward until the content is exhausted. With so many different screen resolutions, the same page will scroll on some computers and have extra space at the bottom on others.

I installed Windows on an empty computer the other day. It defaulted to an 800 X 600 screen.

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You should use EDITABLE REGION to have the template area as a edited one. Then only you are able to add images and table.

Midi, I hate to say it but someone has come up with a code that is in one of my many Web Designer magazines that will make your Webpage look the same in every browser. I need to find the code and put it in the snippet section.

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