hello, me and my friends own a domain name we bought from godaddy, and some political campaign that has the same name wants to buy our domain for $1000. does anyone know the best way to go about selling them this? should i just give them my password to godaddy, or is there a way to do it through godaddy?

sorry i dont know what im doing with this, we just got lucky and bought a domain name someone else wanted!

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You would need to push the domain to them. I have never used Godaddy before but I know you can push domains to other users on there.

You will probably need to ask them for their Godaddy username and then push it to them.

Ask for support on Godaddy, you will get a better response there.


According to my googling skills, there IS an option to 'sell' or transfer domains at godaddy itself (themselves?)

adamthegreat has probably figured it out already... :D


Can you not get more than $1000 for it? I would have thought it would be worth quite alot to them.

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