hi there

can any body give me idea or tutorial for design this type of flash site.


first page show flash creativity in which images change contineously.

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Well, the video part looks like it was done in flash. And getting good at Flash takes a lot of practice and fooling around with different tools and knowng it's action script functions. But basically, an entire site like this can be easily made in Dreamweaver. First, you make the Flash video; only the moving part in the middle of the screen.

Then you'd go into your perferred graphics program (I use Fireworks) and you create simple geometric shapes; lines, diagonals, etc. You can usually get away with drawing the entire layout, then using a slicer to [slice] the image into smaller images that are far easier to manage than one big image. Then, you can use Dreamweaver to compile, if you will, all of the smaller images together and add in text, photos, links, or whatever else.

Typically in sites like this, only the videos and buttons are the only parts made in flash. Most simpler animations are typically *.gif but they can also be made in flash. A lot of times, background colors and images of that nature are only 1x1 images that are just streched. If you're using Internet Explorer, you can go to file, save page as, and save the page to your computer. This will also save all of the rescources that that page relies on; images, scripts, buttons, etc.

Hope I could help!

thanks for ur reply

this is very difficult for me working in different graphic program.
please give me a simple tutorial for easy understanding.

Hi there,

If your looking for some good flash tutorials, go to www.cartoonsmart.com
This site is great for teaching you flash at all levels. Although it wont show how to specifically make that one particular site, the tutorials will give you a good understanding of flash. You may even come up with a few ideas to make your site better than the one you have listed.

Actually, as the guy before said about using dreamweaver.....there are also dreamweaver tutorials on the cartoonsmart site too.

Hope this helps you


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