I have created a form, with a mixture of input text boxes and text area's, but when I view the form some of the input boxes are white, and some are yellow?

I have looked at the code and as fas as i can see they should all be white. The backgroupd colour properties of the input fields are all set to white.

Am I missing something.


When I submit the form data is written to my sql database. Using the behaviours, I can then on click foreward to a thankyou page - which is ok, but, if I put form processing in, and there are errors, so I have on click form validate and on click got thankyou form; if there are errors, and I say 'ok' to the errors it then goes to the thankyou page !! using dreamweaver, how can I stay on the form until there are no errors and then post my db entry and move foreward.


Are you by any chance using the Google Toolbar? The toolbar's AutoFill feature will highlight form fields in yellow if it thinks it can fill them in with your personal information. Clicking the AutoFill button in the toolbar will do just that.

I'm confused on your second question.


Many thanks for your reply - regarding the colours - you were correct, it was ok when I looked at the site on a different computer. I just presumed it was my coding.

With regards to the second question - I have now solved this - I can redirect to a different url after the database has been updated rather than try and re-direct from the submit button.

thanks again