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I have design a web page using the combination of PHP, HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets).The web page is looking good in Internet Explorer. But in Mozilla Fire Fox, Google chrome, Opera the alignments are changed. It’s not looking Nice. I need help regarding this.

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why does browsers have this different codes that really makes our heads ache.

Pretty generalized as for a problem. However thats a great link buddylee17.

@op: can you provide us with link to the errors page so we can see where the problem lays ?

IE is the nonconformist. It won't obey the W3C standards.

How to get web pages to behave:

1. Validate your code with the W3C validator.


2. Don't put size styles (width, height) in the same tags that contain surrounding styles (margin, border, padding).

3. Don't expect div tags to expand to fill their containers. Some browsers do different things here.

4. Don't expect fonts to be the same line weight across browsers.

5. Set horizontal and vertical alignment for table cells. The defaults are different for different browsers.

6. Don't use absolute positioning or pixels. Different browsers render these differently, as do different screen resolutions.

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