Hey Guys...I think this is the best forum for this question so here goes...

If you have ever sold anything on ebay, you know that your description code is displayed along with the ebay website code. Ebay does NOT use an IFRAME to display your add. Yet, when you view an item's listing the adds css and html does not interfere with the Ebay layout and/or css. The same thing can be said for webmail email clients such as yahoo and hotmail.

SO my question is this, How can I accomplish this same thing. AGAIN, I do not want to use an IFRAME.....any thoughts?


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I believe that this is done with some type of server side script to check if you are the seller. If you are the seller, it adds the extra code detailing how many are watching and other seller only details.

I have looked at this.

Their css is made using style names most people would never think of, using special characters.

The code showing those numbers is a server-side script.

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