Can someone help me figure out why this is displaying differently in IE vs. Firefox? I am trying to make it look the same on both browsers. I would like the "mainlevel-nav" to display in the middle of the red bar on top, but nothing I try works.

The files are attached.

Thank you,

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There's 2 things I'd try here - firstly check that there's no margin above the navigation links.

p { margin:0px; }

or if you're using lists then

ul, li { margin:0px; }

If this still doesn't work then you can use the "position:relative" and then do "top:-10px;" - now this will move the IE as well, you will need 2 style sheets, one with just fixes for the other web browser and so when defining your style sheets you will need to do a web browser check to see what the user agent is and then pick the correct style sheet.

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thanks! I thought I had done that, but I left out the comma and only realized once I saw your post.
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