I am at my local collage and am learning to make a web page by writing HTML in notepad.

I have a link on my page that I want to open a Word document, my line is:-
<p>This is my entire work history so far <a href ="file:///newcv.doc"> Ian's CV</a>

The link is there but doesnt work, can sombody help me.

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It didnt work either, but this did.

<p>This is my entire work history so far <a href ="file:///***file location***\newcv.doc"> Ian's CV</a>.

thanks any way


Is it required that you use an absolute path? If not, I recommend using a relative path. It's just less icky.

<a href ="file:///newcv.doc"> Ian's CV</a>

File from your computer not work

you can upload free hosting .....

<a href ="http://snipped.net/data.doc"> Ian's CV</a>

ur not suppes to have a space its supposed to be <a href="">text</a>

The file has to be on the server. Nothing else can find a file that is saved on your own computer.

yes you need an absolute path in other words not coming from your drive but a web address upload the file to a domain via ftp then link from there as stated above if you link from your hard drive when other try to view it it wont be on thier harddrive

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