I have a problem. I have recently started saving my graphics files as a psd file instead of a tiff. I like the way it imports into Adobe InDesign. Problem is, recently my psd files have now started showing up as black boxes in Photoshop and InDesign. That makes it difficult to view what I may want to place into InDesign. I like to go to thumbnail view and view my files before I place. Why do they appear as a black boxes? And why only some of them? :mad:

Can anyone help.

Thank you.

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That happened to me when i had photoshop 5. And when i updated to 6 (which i still use) it still happened, it has something to do with the resolution of your screen, i changed the colors, and went to 1024.. if it doesnt work, just view your files with 'details' and maybe that will help. Always be organized with your work, so you know what is what.

Hope i was some help.

Is this only happening in the program when you are trying to view a graphic? If so, it may be that your settings have somehow been switched in both/either program(s). There is an option to change the display performance so that you can work faster. It will draw a box where your graphic normally is so you can look at basic layout of elements without taking up system resources to draw the graphic it's self.

In InDesign, go to View > Display Performance and make sure it is on "typical display"

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