i have tried everything i can to my knowledge. i designed a layout in PS, then sliced it, and imported it in DW. I linked all the images i needed to link, i set a div tag for the entire layout the proper way, then i set a div tag to an image that i needed to add a web form in. i followed every tutorial on how to do this, and it seemed to work. but then when i add a form box , it everything looks fine, but when i preview, everything is shifted about, my slices are revealed and there are some lines across the layout! i do not know what else to do, as this site is due and i need serious help. i have customized a dreamweaver template in the past, but this is the first time i am doing a site from scratch...help please anyone.

Ok silly me, just figured out that it works fine in IE8 but not in FF. Is the a way of correcting it so that it responds the same in FF as it does in IE? Anyone please.

Why did you slice it up in the first place?

Putting slices together does not work well if you also try to put something on top of the slices.

do not just import the slices as HTML as PS will but spacer in the html and then it makes it very difficult to edit anything without destroying your formatt yourbetter of grabbing your graphics and rebuilding it manualy and creating a template