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The png format is not well supported at this time. It is too new for good compatibility.

Other things you might check:
- Check for a typogoofical error.
- Validate your code with W3C. Bad code throws browsers into quirks mode.
- Is the cache too small for the file?
- Is the image too large for the space it needs to render in?
- You might need a plugin.
- Is the CPU is too busy doing something else?
- Maybe the ISP can't or won't serve the file type. It is used for pirate videos.
- Older browsers and servers don't know what .png files are, or can't render animated ones.


I just discovered that animation is a NONSTANDARD extension to .png graphics.

Until a standard is issued, don't expect it to work on the Internet.


such a shame!

It takes time to develop such support - often years:

- First, until W3C standardizes something for Internet use, don't expect it to work.

- Second, the software does not write or test itself. It can take years to bring a new piece of software to market.

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