help i dont know hat tod o why wont they show up? they dont play help me

The png format is not well supported at this time. It is too new for good compatibility.

Other things you might check:
- Check for a typogoofical error.
- Validate your code with W3C. Bad code throws browsers into quirks mode.
- Is the cache too small for the file?
- Is the image too large for the space it needs to render in?
- You might need a plugin.
- Is the CPU is too busy doing something else?
- Maybe the ISP can't or won't serve the file type. It is used for pirate videos.
- Older browsers and servers don't know what .png files are, or can't render animated ones.

I just discovered that animation is a NONSTANDARD extension to .png graphics.

Until a standard is issued, don't expect it to work on the Internet.

SO OPERA SUPPORTS IT as well as firefox isee
my flock browser displays it

such a shame!

It takes time to develop such support - often years:

- First, until W3C standardizes something for Internet use, don't expect it to work.

- Second, the software does not write or test itself. It can take years to bring a new piece of software to market.

firefox, flock and opera have already developed support.