Hello again

I'm using the Fireworks .png and need to use two text boxes in the same image (I don't know what a vector is, I'm hard-pressed to understand layers in either Photoshop or Fireworks and suspect this could be the root of my problem). The reason I thought I need two text boxes is because I'm trying to use two different fonts but the .png won't let me. The two text boxes are for phrases of different font, font size and colour. I hope someone can help over the course of the weekend as I've only five days to figure out the glitches.

All help gratefully received. Dubditz

Turn on the text tool (looks like a letter A), click somewhere in your image, then start typing. For the sake of being easy, after done typing, click on a a different tool (any other tool is fine), then click back on the text tool. Click in your document and type again. You now have 2 different "text boxes" using the arrow (select pointer tool) click on either of the text boxes and you can format the text differently.

Hope this helps.

Just so you know though, you can have multiple fonts within the same text box. You just have to highlight the text with the text tool and using the property panel specify the formatting.

Thanks, I'll try it and get back to you.