hello i dont know where to start
i need to make a small html site so that i can see everythink that is on my hard drive like a tree and have the option to download it...
i dont know html so i have no code to show i just need to know if its possible to do that and if yes what is the main command that shows folder contents...

any help will be good
thank you in advance... :)

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the device that this site is going to be on does not have php and i dont know how to install it =\
it needs to be html and cgi i guess.... i dont know that else it supports...


bignosebird.com has great cgi scripts

bnbform.cgi ::"Easy to install script that handles an unlimited number of forms. Configured via the html form: direct data to e-mail and/or file, enforce data entry, autorespond with custom message for each form, redirects based on result of script's validation, sequential counter"
I have it running on some budget sites without php

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