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I don't think this can be done with just html like you are trying to do.

Why do you need to do this when the date is automatically set on emails by the server?


I was thinking that too, but if your determined, you could write your mail as javascript (which might help as antispam aswell) then you could possibly do it. something like this

<Script Language="JavaScript">
// The following is the same basic example as above,
// however we add a variable for the subject and the document
// title as the subject in the mail link.
var u_a="mail"
var u_b="to:"
var u_c="any_address"
var u_d="@"
var u_e="server"
var u_f="name"
var u_g=".com"
var u_h="subject=something
document.write ("<a href='"+ u_a + u_b + u_c + u_d + u_e + u_f + u_g + u_h + document.title +"'>Mail Link with Subject</a>");

then maybe you could work in some javascript to put date in subject, this is the get date (only way I know)

<script type="text/javascript">



I have no clue hopw though, just trying to help in some small way. Matt Evans is the bloke you need! :D

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