I know this is php as I have looked for HTML and can't find it but I am new to all this IT stuff but learning.

I have a small Problem that my Image Map Works in IE but not in Firefox.
I have tried to empty catch and even tried to use a gif instead of a png.

I run a vbulletin site and I am using the notices to display the messages.

The image displays fine it is I can not click on the links that was created with the image map.

As I said it works fine in Internet Explorer

<p align="center"><map name="FPMap0">
<area href="http://www.mysite.com/forums/register.php" shape="rect" coords="346, 74, 450, 95">
<area href="http://www.mysite.com/forums/register.php" shape="rect" coords="598, 80, 776, 99">
<img border="0" src="http://www.mysite.com/notices/guest-notice.png" usemap="#FPMap0" width="800" height="100"></p>

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HTML is a subcategory under Web Design, for future reference in finding it :)
Moving this there.

Thank you as I was looking for it, it would be nice if you could see subforums as there is a lot of forums

ok I have been at this for 3 hours now changing the code and using every program and my disposal to write the image maps to no resolve.

I just realized that it is working under http://www.mysite.com/forums/

but not at

I checked my host to make sure leach protection or something wasn't check and it is all good.

I disables htaccess and robots txt and still no joy.

As I said it is working at the forum address and not the ladder.


I have even tried to move the image to the forum directory and still no joy



Your code should work in FF too and actually does so on my computer (FF 3.0.11; Win 2000) but I had to create my own PNG image first as the link to yours yielded nothing.

IE doesn't care about broken img-urls but worryingly, this version of FF refuses to display a blank image area when the image is not found - even if width/height are specified in CSS. It condescends to display a minimal image area if you specify alt="xxxx". And people complain about IE.

I don't recall these issues with earlier versions of FF but maybe I just never encountered them.

Anyway, you might like to try moving your image map outside the <p></p> tags so it sits at root level within <body></body>. Shouldn't make a blind bit of difference but it just might.

Another thing - try force quitting FF (from Task Manager) then relaunch it (or reboot your computer). I've noticed FF to be a serial secret cacher. I have known FF to refuse to see edits of local files and even worse it can hold a local file open such that the editor can no longer save changes!!!! It did this to me just 5 minutes ago while testing your HTML. Naughty FF. IE, for all its sins, does none of this.

Let us know how it goes.


Thank you for your reply
Yes I have tried removing that


The strange part is it works in firefox if I go to


or any other

just not


in IE it works no matter were I go.

Thanks as I will try and shut down the computer and re-start to see if that makes a Difference.

I hate to add my site as google loves to index things.


maybe you could tell me if it works for you, then it is my computer
if not working you can click on forums and it will work using firefox.

This is the strange part. why is it working under forums or any were else and not at the root.

Image map works fine here dh, in FF and IE6.

<loses train of thought watching Cavendish's 4th stage win in Tour de France>

I think the fact it works for you in /forums/ and not in /root is consistent with my persistent cacheing theory. However, if it still misbehaves after you restart then maybe not.

Worst thing is the PNG's background color. I guess it should be transparent or a white matt but comes up grey in IE6. Maybe switch to GIF. I've seen this before with PNGs.



Sorry that was misleading. I just took a phone call, which stopped me getting back here sooner.

My own local file with your HTML in it works fine in IE and FF.

With your site, it's mixed.
IE - root page : Sign up here - Yes. Remove this ad - No
IE - forum page : Sign up here - Yes. Remove this ad - No

FF - root page : Sign up here - No. Remove this ad - No
FF - forum page : Sign up here - Yes. Remove this ad - No

Of course, I'm not logged in so that's probably why "Remove this ad" doesn't work under any condition.

The worrying one is "Sign up here" on the root page in FF, which should work but doesn't.

I think we can conclude it's not persistant cacheing in FF. Sorry that was probably a red herring, though I know it can happen.

I've never done it but I'm pretty sure you can put an image map into a separate document then call it with a relative (or absolute) url, similar to an img src. If I'm right then you might like to try separating out your image map then calling the same one into both documents - /root and /forums/. This might eliminate the problem.


Nope - sorry again. Have to withdraw that last suggestion.

External image maps were in the HTML specification when I first started using HTML (mid 90s) but were never widely supported. I think that particular requirement may have disappeared at HTML 4.01 .

Certainly neither IE6 nor FF 3.0.11 will play ball.


Thank you for responding.

I have seen other site use this with great success.

I must not be doing something right as I thought it was just my browser not working with me with this sign up here and the remove this add text.

The image maps as you said in one of your posts it was working for you, so I went with it. now! your saying it is not.

I just want to be clear as your saying it is not working.

The Message is for Guests as you will only see it when your a Guest, so logging in will not change it except make it go away.

I have had a larger image working and the decided to go with the sleeker look as it looks better then some bug image popping up saying register here.

Even on this site they use some sort of sign up here as I noticed one pop up for me that floats across the page but I believe this is written in java or uses java to make it work.

Mine on the other hand is simple HTML that as I said earlier it works in the forms and other pages but not on the root of the site.

At first I thought something in the root was preventing it from reading the map as my FF browser reads it fine on other pages, and I am still kinda leaning too that, but I am not a HTML wiz Kid or coder to say it is or not.

I have tried all your suggestion and for the life of me I can not figure it out.

I Guess the best option would just remove it and keep it just as a Message but it would be great if it could be figured out what I am doing wrong as I have searched the net for a answer and have found a lot of questions to this problem.

I hate when folks don't reply to a problem that was fixed as it helps us all. As all I have found is the word FIXED! with no explanation on how you fixed it.

I will post what I have again here as this post is getting kinda long with no resolve.

I do thank you for your time and if you can figure a solution, I would like to hear it as I am pulling my hair out with this one and starting to feel like it is just not going to work, but as I sait it has worked for others just not me for some reason.

This is the block of code for the Banner ad notices that says Welcome to (my site name here)

<map name="FPMap0">
<area target="_blank" href="http://www.delawarebulletin.com/forums/register.php" shape="rect" coords="344, 73, 449, 98">
<area target="_blank" href="http://www.delawarebulletin.com/forums/register.php" shape="rect" coords="597, 80, 775, 98">
<p align="center">
<img src="http://www.delawarebulletin.com/notices/guest-notice.png" usemap="#FPMap0" width="800" height="99"></p>


I think I've got it and you are going to kick yourself.

On the root page, there's some javscript right at the bottom which appears to write some HTML to the page. This includes an image map of the same name ("FPMap0") as the one at the top of the page in plain HTML.

This javascript does not appear in the /forums/ page where all is well, so I guess that will be the cause of the problem.


And by the way, you are now responsible for Perry Como going round and round in my head:

"What did Della wear boy, what did Della wear? ......"

And that's probably the best pun in the whole song. The others .... don't even go there.


You are a fast responder, you must have your pc plugged into some part of you.

lol.............. kick is right! as that was the problem you can not call two maps with the same name as I just looked at the page info and I see it is calling it at two separate locations.

For those that find this and have the same problem rename other images with maps to something else as mine was "FPMap0" for one image and I had the same name for the other.

I really should have seen that, God! I am so disgusted with myself right now as I have wasted a day trying to figure this out, when it was such a simple solution.

I also must add that Airshow Support was the very BEST and he is a Great Guy to have taken his time to help me with this Problem. I don't know how to say thank you.

Except let him take the fist kick in my butt for not figuring this out as it was a really Bad mistake on my part.

I Guess we learn something new every day, and I guess that is a gift of life. one that I will not make again thanks to Airshow.

Thank you so much .
Dan Holt

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