Over the last year or so i have noticed different sites GOING TO COMPLETE GARBAGE WEB DESIGNS when they had an AWESOME DESIGN BEFORE!!

An email server im on is introducing a NEW INTERFACE which in my (And many others opinion) IS COMPLETE GARBAGE!!

The interface they had for years WAS EXCELLENT and the new one is utter crap!! (Like a 2yo designed it for them (No colours really,etc))

Another site im on changed thier interface and its not nearly as good as the older interfacr they had for years...

I shouldnt really have to ask this (As i know whats happend to quality) but WHAT HAPPEND TO PEOPLE'S SENSE OF "GOOD" ??

I'm also shocked when I see big sites having Javascript error or bad elements alignement, this is quite frequent... I do not why!!!

I think too many designers wnat to show what they can do, instead of just doing what they should do.
google vs yahoo search

Maybe your idea of good style does not match their idea of good style.

I think the rounded corners are awful.

Of course, I also think all of today's culture came out of a Petri dish.